Fashion: What are you wearing, Oliver Valdienne?

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Columbus Alive

Hair: “I shave my head every two days. My beard and overall look is pretty wild, so I try to keep my look clean-cut with the shaved head.”

Glasses: Ray-Ban. “I’m freaked out by contacts, so I’ve always worn glasses. I’ve had this pair for seven years. I think glasses should become part of your overall look and showcase your personality. I chose red because it’s very bold and fiery, like me.”

Ears: Straws. “I’ve invested a lot in gauge earrings, but I always seem to lose them. The straws are cheap and let me stretch my ears without too much pressure. I can get up to 14 straws in my ear now.”

Jacket: Gifted. “My dad lost one of my leather jackets in a move. He found this at the school he works at and said he thought it might fit me. This jacket is magical. It fits me perfectly and it came with all the leather rivets and patches.”

Button-up shirt: DIY. “I went crazy on this button-up shirt. I was sick of wearing just white, so a few of my artist friends let me play with their paint. I just put on some Bowie and I created this. I get a lot of compliments on it.”

Crop top: Thrifted and modified. “This used to be a jersey until I made it a crop top and fastened the back of an old T-shirt to the front.”

Leggings: DIY. “I took a legging pattern I designed and a few different fabrics and made this cool clusterfuck. They are really comfortable and warm.”

Nail polish: Sephora. “One of my friends in a punk bank wore nail polish and I thought he looked so dope, I started to wear it. It’s just another form of expression. That’s what I like about punks… when I was introduced to punk culture, I became the true Oliver. I like to think I’m a rebel with a cause.”

Bracelet: Gay Olympics. “Some people were passing these out at the Gay Olympics, and it spoke to me. Religion has been shoved down my throat my whole life, and I kind of liked the message that ‘God likes me… even in my crazy ass leggings.’”

Shoes: Online. “These shoes are part of a Frankenstein costume. I got them online for like, $40. Most of my shoes are from costume sites because they are so over-the-top. They are a five-inch platform so I had to practice walking in them.”

Photos by Meghan Ralston

Age: 28

Hometown: Columbus

Current neighborhood: Olde Towne East

Day job: Fashion designer

Currently listening to: The Talking Heads

How would you describe your personal style: "Punk. Street. Trash. Disco."

Style Icons: Courtney Love, David Bowie, James St. James and Lenny Kravitz.