Things We Love: Alive staff picks

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive


Haruki Murakami’s “The Strange Library”

It’s hella short, and probably the slightest of his stories, but damn if I didn’t enjoy reading it, particularly paired with Chip Kidd’s spooky cover and interior artwork.


The Gallery at the Gateway Film Center

The campus theater is turning part art gallery, and the first exhibit, Tony Simione's "Not Human — Creatures in Film," is a perfect fit.


McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve

Best-tasting cinnamon-flavored hard cider I've had yet. Yum!

Lauren K.

Up close zoo animals

It's always a great day when you get to hang out with a sloth and touch a cheetah. 


“The Missing”

This British miniseries must be hell for parents (it centers on a child’s abduction), but I’m hooked.


Ian and Mickey on “Shameless”

The best relationship on the series … for now?


City of Columbus Parking Violations Bureau

I am going to love the hate right out of y’all’s little black hearts until you stop towing my car.


Mehron face paint

Its water-activated powder finish makes this a super easy and comfortable face paint. And it washes right off with water. Just don't shed any tears at the game, and you'll be free of any runs in your makeup.