Things We Love: Ray Ray's James Ray Anderson's picks

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

James Ray Anderson, the man behind Ray Ray's Hog Pit and perhaps Columbus' most distinguished purveyor of barbecued meats for the past five years, doesn't have a whole lot of free time on his hands. When he's not managing the brand's food truck at Ace of Cups on the weekends, Anderson is focusing his attention toward crafting something, be it for his business or for his personal and family's pleasure. For Anderson, work is play, and the things he loves are indicative of just that.

Hank III

I love him because his music is honest, brave and a little rough around the edges. I relate to that pretty easily. He's a nice mix of country and heavy rock. He's a little unexpected, and I love it.

Taqueria Jalisco

I've been going there for a long time, since before the parade of food truckers landed in Columbus. I've eaten everything there, he is always open, the operator is a skilled veteran of our trade and I love him. Besides that, his tacos are better than any other tacos I've had. I get the pork and chicken tacos, and they are always spot on. I eat his tacos in the snow, in the heat and in the rain.

2005 Chevy Duramax 2500

Lots of power for work and play. Can't beat it. I love it because it's a diesel truck.

My mechanical wood splitter

[It's] a homemade deal with a Briggs and Stratton engine; makes splitting wood a lot faster than by hand. I love it because then I don't have to split hickory by hand. Hickory is pretty gnarly sometimes and it's not the easiest thing to split in large amounts. The mechanical wood splitter makes that way easier and faster. I'm lucky to have it.


[I love] any kind of construction. I'm interested in all trades: structural trades, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, building small buildings, shacks. I build barns for livestock. I've built a couple food trucks … I just like creating things in the construction trade and learning new trades.


My whole family is into firearms and hunting. So come winter time we're all hunting, all winter. I love deer hunting … I have my gun range, and we go down there usually about twice a week and do self-defense training and we do long-range stuff. So it's kind of a sport plus also just bettering yourself and trying to keep yourself a little safer.

Livestock farming

By this time next year we hope to have a full-slaughter of our first-round pigs [for Ray Ray's Hog Pit] … Our long-term goal, what we want to get into, is doing our own pork. It'd be pure-pasture pork. Not the antibiotics and all the extra stuff - they'll all be humanely raised. They won't be stuck in a pin; they'll be out pasture-grazing, which is a pretty unique way to raise a hog. It's not a very lucrative way to raise a hog, but it's a very humane and tasty way to raise a hog.