Things We Love: Joey Hendrickson's picks

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Joey Hendrickson believes Columbus has the potential to become a major music city, so the 25-year-old co-founder of the Columbus Songwriters Association devotes 25 to 30 hours a week to local musicians, while also juggling a part-time gig in contracting for the local luxury leather store, Bosca, acting as the front man for his band, Joey Hendrickson and the Sleepless Nights, and performing as a solo artist. Because he invests his life to bettering the future of Columbus, we thought it was appropriate to pick his brain about what he loves.

Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar

I love performing at Brothers Drake because overall, it has really fantastic sound. The energy in the crowd is always great, and the room is structured so people have to pay attention. King Avenue 5 is also one of my favorites; not a lot of people know about it, but the room is probably the largest and widest room for songwriters. Also the bar staff is really attentive and happy to see music.

Damien Rice

Whenever I have to answer one of those internet security questions, my question is always, “Who’s your favorite musician?” and my answer is always Damien Rice. He’s a songwriter and has a band, but he usually performs in Europe and only releases an album about every five years. He lives a truly free lifestyle, he has a mystique and there is no way anyone can copy him.

Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza

I think it’s an emerging concept in Columbus to have really great food and live music. Natalie’s has a kitchen completely separate from the music, and I think it’s great that they give so much freedom to the musicians. They are truly about local music.

John Schwab Records

They are a record company that’s supported us since we started. They were the first to give professional recording studio time to artists in our events, and they give away so much money every month to support the local music community. You don’t get that in Nashville or New York.

Simply Vague

Andrea Archibald does an amazing job curating a local marketplace. This store has literally hundreds of locally made products, and it’s important to support that.

Joey Hendrickson

Co-founder, Columbus Songwriters Association