Boutique review: A Very Rare Shop lives up to its name

Paul Meara, Columbus Alive contributor

A store's name is everything. It's the first thing a customer knows about a business before walking in. And for A Very Rare Shop the mystery only starts with its title.

Enter the N. High St. boutique, wedged in between a pawn shop and DP Dough, and more questions will arise than answers about what exactly it is. The gaudy benevolence of tawdry artwork aligns its walls while a few racks of clothes - some designer, some lovably ornate - adorn its floors. And then there's a big open space before you reach the back where a table aligns a wall full of artfully painted Hennessey bottles. It's that opening where the magic happens.

Opened on Dec. 6 the boutique/gallery/performance venue became a home to charity events, live music shows and just about anything else you could think of. It was established due to the lack of such venues and the abundance of creative energy waiting to be released.

"We started this because we couldn't find an actual venue for a show we wanted to throw, so we figured we'd try something different by getting a more art gallery-type of place for shows," shop manager/owner Jamaal Donaldson said. "Our main goal is to give people who don't normally have one a platform."

Sounds interesting right? Well here's the "Rare" part about it. You can't even visit it anymore. Like that, it's gone … but not for too long. The creative space was opened via a 30-day lease: Dec. 6 to Jan. 6. Moving forward, A Very Rare Shop hits the road and spends 30 more days out west in Los Angeles.

"We're going to try to do 30 days in all the cities we're in over the next year," store manager Chelsea Garcia explained. "We plan on going to L.A. first. We have some shows set up there, so we're going to do some meet-and-greets and pop-up shops for the brands out there."

The shop plans on a return to Ohio in April, just in time to prep for summer and the next round of events. Until then a website is in the works so people who want to be involved can be from a distance. While in Columbus the store had an event every one of the 30 days, sometimes even two or three at the same time, definitely living up to its name.

Twitter: @AVeryRareShop

1253 N. High St., Short North (formerly)

To return in April