Fashion: What are you wearing, Sky Cunningham?

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Hair: “Ever since I was a little kid I was obsessed with ‘Jem And The Holograms.’ I decided when I grew up I was going to have pink hair too. My friend Michael Gray added the purple because I like to go a little darker in the winter.”

Earrings: DIY. “I like to repurpose things; I never throw anything away if I can use it. The batwings used to be on a bracelet I had that broke so rather than get rid of it I decided to make this long earring.”

Necklace: ComFest. “It’s made out of bone, not ivory — because ivory is evil! I like bats because they are adorable and misunderstood, which is kind of endearing to me.”

Jacket: Ragstock in Chicago. “The store has all kinds of crazy stuff. I picked out this biker jacket because I’m really into biker culture — both my dad and fiancé are bikers — and it had a fun leopard lining. I added all the buttons because anything I can deck out with my personality — buttons, patches, etc. — I will.”

T-shirt: Goodwill. “Rush is one of my favorite bands, so this was a lucky find!”

Engagement ring: From fiancé Nate Hill. “He totally nailed it with this ring. It’s a pink sapphire, which totally fits me. It was a total surprise.”

Skirt: Charlotte Russe/Jody Krevens. “This used to be a standard pin-stripe skirt, but my friend Jody Krevens added the lace and pleather. I love taking something classic like a pinstripe skirt and making it sort of rock-n-roll with modifications.”

Leggings: The Ohio State Fair. “I saw these at the fair and they jumped out at me. They have shorts at the top so I can wear them with dresses or just as pants.”

Boots: Online. “I have always been a fan of the anti-gravity wedge cut. They are actually really comfortable, but I like that people think they are hard to walk in.”

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Age: 31

Hometown: Heath

Day job: Retail management

Current neighborhood: Clintonville

Currently listening to: Siouxsie and the Banshees

Describe your personal style: "Feminine biker."

Style icons:Joan Jett, Elvira