The non-hockey fan's guide to the NHL All-Stars

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

As the hockey world descends on Columbus this weekend, we realize that for the non-hockey fan, the All-Stars aren't exactly all stars. Here's a layman's guide to some of the notable members of the teams.

The Blue Jackets

Nick Foligno, center

Foligno was selected as one of the captains of the All-Star Game, so he gets to select the members of Team Foligno in an alternating draft. Although given the Blue Jackets' history, he will probably somehow lose the lottery and not get to pick until 12th.

Sergei Bobrovsky, goalie

The Jackets' star goaltender. We call him Bob. Other teams' shooters just tend to call him bad words. He good. [Update: Bad news, non-hockey fans. Bobrovsky has officially been ruled out of the NHL All-Star Game with a groin injury. Read more at]

Ryan Johansen, center

Hopefully Johansen will participate in the Breakaway Challenge portion of the All-Star Skills Competition on Saturday so we can see where he earned the nickname "Superintendent of the Dangle Bus." Seriously, that's my favorite nickname ever.

The former Blue Jackets

Rick Nash, left wing, New York Rangers

If Nash is that guy you kind of sort of remember, you should note that he's no longer a Blue Jacket. In fact, most of the team you remember now plays for the Rangers. Pay attention. Geez.

Jakub Voracek, right wing, Philadelphia Flyers

A beloved former Jacket who has developed into a star in Philly, Jake will always be my favorite for the time he told Alive in 2009 that he gets geared up for a game by listening to Deep Blue Something's "Breakfast at Tiffany's." As I recall, we both kind of liked it.

Other notables

SidneyCrosby, center, Pittsburgh Penguins

The talented Crosby is one of three franchise-level players the Penguins got in an unprecedented string of draft lottery luck that saved a storied team from indifferent fans and poor attendance. (I will apologize for this if I see one Dick Tarnstrom jersey this weekend.)

Jonathan Toews, center, Chicago Blackhawks

He's an amazing talent and leader for the beloved Blackhawks, but it's also fun watching people mispronounce his name. Think "Taves," which lead to one of the all-time great fantasy sports team names, "Don't Toews Me, Bro."

Zemgus Girgensons, center, Buffalo Sabres

Not only does he have an awesome name that sounds like a Bond villain, the 21-year-old Girgensons got a massive voting push from his home country of Latvia, making him the only non-Chicago Blackhawk to land in the Top 6 in All-Star voting.

Jimmy Howard, goalie, Detroit Red Wings

If you are one of those casual Columbus hockey fans who jumped on the Red Wings' bandwagon before we had a team, I'd just like to point out that we have three times as many All-Stars. And you live here, ya dingus.

AP Photo

Nick Foligno, left, and Sergei Bobrovsky are two of three All-Stars from the Blue Jackets.