Downtown Abbey: Future Maudit at Mint

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I can now officially say I have attended a “Tekno Pagan Ritual” dance party — and I highly recommend it. Despite an unfortunate setback last November (the art collective was robbed multiple times over Thanksgiving weekend), MINT proved they were back in (nearly) full force on a recent Saturday. The meat processing facility-turned-artistic mixed-use space played host to “Future Maudit” fueled by a slew of out-of-town DJs and stunning visuals set against MINT’s “rough around the edges” backdrop.

We arrived around 11 p.m. and headed straight for the makeshift bar. Tarps hanging from the ceiling separated the gallery space from the rest of the party. “Have you been in there yet?” one person asked. “You won’t believe it.” They were talking about the room just past the bar where the dance party was — a dark room adorned with aluminum foil and trippy projections.

A wall of motionless people stood between me and whoever was producing the glitchy beats pouring from the front of the room. We made our way there; Jacoti Sommes was just starting his set.

Sporting a white hazmat suit with goggles, Sommes hunched over a sea of music equipment and effects pedals, creating beats with surgical precision. The crowd was nearly hypnotized watching his hands masterfully tweak and tune each sound coming from the speakers. The set moved from droning white noise to what sounded like a helicopter landing, to a plague of locusts. The growing intensity of the music paired with psychedelic visuals made for full sensory overload worthy of a fever dream.

After stretching his fingers several times throughout his set, Sommes’ final bow was met with resounding applause from the crowd. Without hesitation DJ Musa picked up where Sommes left off, spinning clubby hip-hop.

An art installation of stacked CRT television sets playing abstract videos bid us goodnight as we headed for the door. Future Maudit was dark, dirty and every bit as raw as the venue itself. As far as “tekno Pagan rituals” go, Future Maudit would have to be in the top five.

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