Fashion: What are you wearing, Josh Wilbur?

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Columbus Alive

For Josh Wilbur, co-owner of Old Familiar Barbershop, style is all about an interesting pair of shoes and the perfect haircut. Though Wilbur is more about function than fashion, the 24-year-old shows how good grooming can up the ante on even the most simplistic style.

Haircut: “The first thing that people notice about you is your hair. Not many dudes were doing big hair, so I thought it’d be cool to give myself a perm and keep it tight on the sides.”

Ear tunnels: “I’ve had my ears gauged since high school, and though I don’t want to go any bigger than the ‘00’ size I have now, I don’t see them going away any time soon.”

Beard: “My beard is a blessing and a curse. I was able to grow a full beard by freshmen year of high school, but it’s a lot of maintenance. It would grow to my eyes if I didn’t take care of it, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to be a guy who couldn’t grow a beard.”

Hoodie: American Apparel. “I always wear a hoodie under my jacket because I love layers. This one is light and comfortable.”

Shirt: Nordstrom. “I wear black because you can’t see all the hair on it.”

Belt: The Claw. “My friend Ryan Moya just opened this place. I’m really into hand-made leather goods from local vendors.”

Jeans: Levi’s 511. “I’m a little dude, so it can be difficult for me to find pants that fit. Levi’s 511 are my go-to jeans because they fit my stature perfectly.”

Watch: Michael Kors. “I can wear this watch with a suit or a T-shirt. I like its simple design.”

Rings: Gifted. “My grandfather is this old Italian guy who likes to wear a lot of jewelry. I asked him how old I had to be before I could wear a pinky ring, and he told me, ‘You don’t have to be a certain age; you just have to be a man.’ I like this pinky ring because it looks like the grill of a Cadillac.”

Shoes: Nike. “Growing up my step-dad was really particular about the shoes we wore. I like these Nikes because they are comfortable to stand in all day and they add a little edge and personality to my clothes.”

Name: Josh Wilbur

Hometown: Columbus

Current neighborhood: Olde Towne East

Day job: Co-owner of Old Familiar Barbershop

Currently listening to: "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, and Nick Tolford & Company

Personal style: "I'm a shoes and haircut kind of guy."

Style Icons: "I have a lot of clients with good style, so I pick up cues from them."

Photo by Megan Ralston