The List: 16 ways Columbus will be affected by the new 380 area code

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Columbus Alive

This week’s announcement that Central Ohio is running out of 614 phone numbers means that in coming years, we’ll be seeing numbers with the new area code 380. But what does this mean for you? Here are our predictions.

Tattoo laser removal gets a bump in business after people start getting their “614 ’Til I Die” tattoos removed.

New requirement that people dial an area code before all local numbers means new opportunities to troll wrong-number texts.

Homage and Traxler Tees will race to corner the market on 380 T-shirts.

Added to the already confusing list of names for Columbus residents: 380-ers.

Conspiracy theorists unite! 6+1+4=11; 7+4+0=11; 3+8+0=11. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

You still won’t know a single number other than your own by heart and will end up stranded if your phone battery dies.

A new Columbus holiday! We already have 6-1-4 Day in June. Will we see its cousin on March, uh, 80th?

In the spirit of the just announced restaurant 6-1-Pho, we’ll see a hip breakfast cereal-only spot called 3-8-Os.

Metalheads around the city disappointed there still isn’t a 666 area code.

Hook up with your new neighbor without breaking Ludacris' area-code rule!

Don't let the 380 fool you — that late-night text from that mystery number is the same creep it was last week.

A black market surfaces for 614 phone numbers with some fetching hundreds of dollars. Gotta keep that hipster, OG vibe alive.

Your grandma gets even more confused and frightened by the phone. You should just call her. Now. She misses you.

Columbus can add “multiple area codes” to the list of reasons to stop thinking of us as a small city.

Dialing a 10-digit number proves to be too much work. We further abandon interpersonal communication and spiral more deeply into our existential abyss.

The term "614" loses any local relevance.