Things We Love: Alive staff picks

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Columbus Alive


Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s Tap Room

The new tap room is lovely, but it’s the opportunity to drink any (and all) of the brewery’s 10-or-so exceptional beers that make it worth a visit. Special shout-out to that pepper-infused Dire Wolf imperial stout.


Condado Tacos

The Short North DIY taco spot keeps moving up my rankings, but the Biscuits and (chorizo) Gravy bowl I had at their weekend brunch just solidified their spot. OMG.


Positive temperatures

Things are starting to look up! … I hope.

Lauren K.

Short Films

Spent last Thursday at the Gateway watching two really cool short films, “I Owe You” and “A Way Out.” Both were filmed in Columbus and were fantastic, if you get a chance you should check them out. 


Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold

Helping me survive inter-office illness outbreaks since 2014.



From Choo-Choo to Sam Elliott (sans mustache), the final season is shaping up to be a doozy, and there’s still a Boyd and Raylan showdown comin’.


Eight Cakes  A Week

Eight Cakes A Week took my boyfriend’s birthday to the next level with a custom Freddy Krueger cake. It was almost too perfect to eat … almost.


Adobe Photoshop

It lets even my weirdest compositional thoughts become a reality, even if it's just digital.