Things We Love: Alive staff picks

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Sarah Ruhl’s “100 Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write”

The playwright’s brief essays (one’s actually a single word) are bursting with insight on writing, theater, feminism and so much more. The rare work that’s as easy to read as it is profound.



Don't you love it when a friend recommends a band you end up loving and then that band is magically in town the next week? The Torche/Nothing double-bill at Skully's is can't-miss.


Matt the Miller's Brunch

Three words: Bloody Mary bar.

Lauren K.

Too much to love

So many great things this week: J Hot Fish, Apple Watch and Derek Zoolander! #bluesteel


40-degree days

Stringer Bell might not have seen much to love in 40-degree temperatures, but after that February it feels like a heatwave.



This documentary — available on Netflix — follows “Community” creator/showrunner Dan Harmon as he travels across the country doing live shows after he was fired from “Community.” And it’s honest, something too rare anymore.


Evil Twin

After putting out an APB on a “Mall Madness” board game, I thought all hope was lost. But the Short North’s delightfully off-kilter collectibles/comic book shop came to the rescue with a mint-condition copy. My birthday is saved.


Blue Q boxes

Sassy little boxes to hold all my miscellaneous items! I've got quite the collection of empty boxes right now, with the expectation that I will eventually use them for something.