Things We Love: Picks from Terry Afortiori

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Terrance Afortiori began his path to becoming a bladesmith as a hunter. He would make the knives he used for skinning his kills, so when his friend, Kraft House No. 5’s executive chef Marcus Meacham, asked him to make him a knife for cooking, Afortiori thought, “I could do that.” Since making Meacham’s blades, Afortiori has gone on to sell knives all over Columbus. You can catch a glimpse of his work at Market Flea beginning in early summer, or email him at


OK, this sounds lame. How manly is it to make knives to Sia though? This woman is 40 years old, and she is killing it.


They are a bunch of little kids, but they are awesome. You can hear their EP on YouTube, and it’s self-titled. Being around music so much you can get passive to live shows, but they are a band I’m excited about.


This is my home; I started bartending here 10 years ago. I’ve seen it through all its major changes, and it’s still a great spot to chill. The people here are just good.

The Table

I wouldn’t go here for drinks or anything, but if you want to dress up, sit down and feel good about yourself, I love the Table. Jen Marlatt owns it, and she’s very talented.

Chef Marcus’ Kraft House No. 5

I owe everything to him; he is a really great talent. He’s creative but classic, and well experienced. At his new restaurant, I had a brunch of these bacon-loaded pancakes that were just awesome.

Terry Afortiori

Knife maker, bartender, musician