Things We Love: Alive staff picks

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“Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton”

Worth it alone for all the Dilla love, this documentary about Stones Throw, the underground hip-hop record label, is a must for music fans.


1831 Tavern

Finally gave the new tenant in the former Jury Room space a go and had a great meal. Quit snickering and just put their (meat)balls in your mouth.



Whenever I move I'm reminded of how many books I own. Two suitcases and a paper box full of books and I still keep finding more.

Lauren K.


I still love dyeing Easter eggs; they are always so pretty. This year I did orchid, teal, deep blue and cayenne.


Game of Thrones finally returning to HBO

Now I can stop breaking down the trailer as though it were JFK assassination footage.


Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan’s discussions of “The Slap”

I’m a huge fan of Grantland’s “Hollywood Prospectus” podcast and its hosts, but it’s gone to another level with their conversations about NBC’s “The Slap” (and its star Zachary Quinto). As Greenwald muses, “Obviously this was a disaster of Hindenburg-ian proportions.”


“Happiness” by Todd Solondz

I’m probably going to get some angry messages about this movie suggestion.


Pepperidge Farm Outlet Store in Kenny Centre

Sure, the goldfish are a little past their expiration date, but they still taste delicious.