Fashion: What are you wearing, Diego Ruiz?

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For busy graphic designer Diego Ruiz, style has to be about function. Taking style cues from various Instagram accounts, Kurt Cobain and living in New York City, Ruiz effortlessly transitions from work to play with an arsenal of tried-and-true classics.

Hair: “I like the contrast of having my hair tight on the sides and long on top. It was longer than this, but I got a trim yesterday that wasn’t a trim.”

Flannel shirt: Gifted. “This is my absolute favorite shirt. It’s not too light or too heavy, which makes it great for spring. I don’t really own any winter clothes, so I like to layer up my spring clothing to keep warm.”

T-shirt: Gifted. “I am 90-percent positive this is actually a girl’s shirt — but I love the soft cotton.”

Necklace: Gifted. “My best friend gave me this — it’s from Half United Jewelry. They take used bullet casings to make jewelry and then use the money to fight hunger. My friend gives them out to everybody because she loves the cause.”

Jeans: Levis 508. “I wear these jeans more often than is probably sanitary. You can actually see the outline from where I keep my phone. They are so comfortable! I’ve been wearing them for 10 years.”

Shoes: Palladium Military Boots. “I used to be sort of a sneaker head, but once I found these military boots that are as comfortable as sneakers, I became obsessed. I went back and ordered two more pairs to have as back up. I’m on pair number two, and the third pair is on deck for when these wear out.”

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Age: 31

Hometown: New York, New York

Current neighborhood: Short North

Day job: Freelance graphic designer

Personal style: "Cleaned-up '90s grunge."

Style inspiration: @americanstyle on Instagram