Things We Love: Alive staff picks

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Columbus Alive


"The Dream of My Return" by Horacio Castellanos Moya

The novella threatens to dive deeply into magical realism nearly as much as it does politics, and particularly El Salvador's longstanding civil war, but ultimately centers on the anxieties of its journalist narrator, leaving us with a head-rush of a book that reads like the progeny of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Ralph Ellison.


The boilermaker menu at Tree Bar

I love a good beer-and-a-shot combo, and their menu (plus $5 weekly special) is awesome. Vuch me!


Jalapeno Gimlet

Local Cantina makes a pretty mean jalapeno gimlet. That spice really sneaks up on you at the end. I almost want to add jalapeno to all my cocktails. Cheers!

Lauren K.

X-Files Files

My current go-to podcast (hosted by Kumail Naijani) discusses episodes of the “The X-Files.” My favorite part is when he reads old message board entries from the ’90s. 


Don Hertzfeldt’s “World Of Tomorrow”

The 15-minute animated short is as thought-provoking and heartfelt as any feature film released this year.



I got to check out an early screening of Amy Schumer’s new movie (directed by Judd Apatow), and it’s very funny. It’s also a very smart film.


Birthday parties

Barbie cake!


Goldfish Vanilla Cupcake Graham Crackers

Those things are my crack. Mainly because the Goldfish Grahams are one of the only brands that don't use soy.