Things We Love: Andrew Tuchow of Kinetic Food Truck

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Columbus Alive

Traditionally, food trucks have been decidedly greasy, delicious and cheap options in the dining community. Kinetic, a self-proclaimed “performance food” truck, is breaking that reputation. “As a food truck trying to do health food, we’re really carving out our market,” said co-founder Andrew Tuchow. Founded by Tuchow and Andy O’Brien, Kinetic strives to bring healthy food to Columbus, whether it’s at the finish line or the office. “We call ourselves performance food because we want to provide people with feel good energy,” Tuchow said. “Whether that’s after your half marathon or your 15-hour shift.”

Street Thyme Food Truck

I like to consider myself a burger aficionado, and they just do burgers so well. They have so much fun with their food and are so creative with it. I can go up to them and ask them to make me anything, and it will always be the best burger I’ve ever had, no matter what.


Is it too kitschy to say I love Homage? It’s just that their stuff is so soft! And they make really good gifts for people out of town. It’s my favorite line to buy for friends not from around here. There isn’t really any clothing company like them.


If it weren’t so expensive, I would shop here all the time. I have a tie from there that I love so much. It’s just well-crafted, well-curated clothing for dudes.

Chet Baker

I am all about that quartet stuff. In college I started an a cappella group, so I’ve always been into music that allows for some more density; I like being part of a group sound, not just being the star of the show. I went to Half Priced Books the other day and found one of Chet Baker’s albums, and it just made me miss harmonic music so much.

Short North Tavern

I love going out here because I can’t think of a time when I’ve been here and not seen a fellow food truck friend. The best thing about the food truck community is that we are all really supportive of one another instead of competitive, so it’s always awesome to be able to kick back at a good bar and have a drink with your peers.

Challah Food Truck

OK, so my dad is Jewish, and I’m pretty sure the only Jewish genes he passed down to me are those that make you love bagels and lox. Challah is an amazing group of people, they are one of the only trucks in the city that does a brunch on the weekends (an idea I’m trying to steal from them), but they also do crazy things like chicken and waffle ice cream too.

Irish Coffee

I just love Irish coffee. Every time I have a night out and we go out, I always end up on a wild goose chase for it. Usually we settle for somewhere like the Rossi or Arch City Tavern because they always have their cocktails on point.

The movie “Chef”

I would say about 90 percent of this film shows you what it’s really like in the food truck business. It really emphasizes the creativity, hustle and business savvy it takes to run a truck. The only part I don’t buy is rolling up to a random spot and start selling instead of getting a massive ticket.

Andrew Tuchow

Co-founder of Kinetic Food Truck