Fashion: What are you wearing, Laura Work?

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For stylist and self-proclaimed “glitterologist” Laura Work, getting dressed each morning requires a quick mental inventory.

“What I wear depends on who I feel like that day,” Work said. “Some days, I’m a 12-year-old boy and other days I want to dress like a superhero.”

Embracing the mantra that she can be “anyone she wants to be at any time,” Work’s love for ’90s culture can be seen in her personal style. Whether it’s a Batman shirt and matching cape, or thigh-high socks that would make even Cher Horowitz jealous, Work really does wear her heart on her sleeves.

Hair: Rendezvous Salon. “I’m a hair-color addict, so I had to hit the reset button after all the damage. Shaving your head is liberating. Many women attach their beauty to their hair, and I want to advocate that women with short hair are beautiful as well.”

Septum ring: Scylla Fine Jewelry. “I got my septum pierced [at Evolved] specifically to wear this piece by Scylla Fine Jewelry. It’s handcrafted rose gold. This is the very first piece of gold jewelry I’ve ever owned or bought for myself. Since it’s my first piece of gold, I plan on treating it like a family heirloom and passing it on to my grandchildren.”

Lipstick: Kat Von D liquid lipstick. “I’ve been into winged eye-liner and red lips since my high school pin-up days. I’m currently obsessed with this Kat Von D lipstick because it wears so well and it’s the perfect shade of red.”

Dog tags: Gifted from Cousins Army Navy store. “My friend gave me these dog tags for my birthday. They have my name on them and say ‘glitterologist’ … which is a word I made up to describe my profession.”

Vest: Gifted. “My mom gave me this vest and it’s pretty much the only thing we agree on. I think this denim vest can work with lots of different looks. I can wear it with anything.”

Tank top: Gifted. “I’m drawn to the cut of this tank top, because it’s loose and casual but still sexy. I also love dinosaurs — they are so badass!”

Shorts: Thrifted. “When I was in cosmetology school, I had to wear all black. It felt suffocating. Because of that, I’m obsessed with cheetah print and fun colors. I love anything cheetah print.”

Tights: Target. “I love the texture of these tights! I normally only get one wear out of a pair of tights; these have lasted pretty well. ”

Socks: EBay/American Apparel. “I’ve been into high knee socks since I saw the movie ‘Clueless.’ Short skirts and thigh-highs are so ’90s.”

Shoes: Dr. Martens. “I’ve always loved boots and this pair just spoke to me. They look like mermaid shoes.”

Backpack: Rag-O-Rama. “I was at Rag-O-Rama looking for a fanny pack, and I saw this mini backpack and was immediately obsessed. I had one just like it in middle school and [as a purse] it’s actually super functional.”

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Laura Work

Age: 26

Hometown: Upper Arlington

Current neighborhood: Olde Towne East

Day job: Stylist at Rendezvous Salon

Currently listening to: Die Antwoord

Style Icons: The Spice Girls, Cher from "Clueless"

Personal style: "Ratchet couture"