Things We Love: Picks from One Line Coffee's Mick Evans

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Mick Evans, One Line Coffee's managing partner for retail operations, is essentially the guy who ensures One Line's daily customers are enjoying their coffee. Though he's now balancing his time between two locations - the much-appreciated Short North spot and the new counter service-style location in the Huntington Center - Evans has nonetheless proven himself to be a major personality in One Line's customer service realm. With seven years of coffee experience, Evans will happily go on a tangent about the beverage, but he also sure seems to love taking a moment to break down everything else that makes Columbus tick for him.

Wolf's RidgeBrewing'sAlpha (Belgian Tripel) and Driftwood (Session IPA)

I have two favorite [beers]. The Alpha is amazing, which is one of their Belgian styles. My most frequently drunk beer is the Driftwood, which is their session IPA - and it's so stinking good. It's a pretty low ABV, but [it's a] hoppy beer you can have two or three or four of and not be on the floor. It's got that kind of West Coast, really bright, fruity and citrusy hop profile. It's awesome, one of my favorite things.

Da Levee

They consistently put out just really homey, Cajun-Creole food. It's so warming and comforting, and it's mostly Cajun or Creole takes, made with a Midwestern flair, I suppose. The jambalaya is my absolute favorite, and the cheesy crawfish etouffee. The gumbo is also really stinking good. I eat there three times a week probably on average - I absolutely love it. They have just the best food for under $10. It's definitely a mainstay of mine.

Glean's tobacco and bay leaf soap

[Glean owner Dawn McCombs] makes the best handmade soap loafs I've ever had or used. My absolute favorite is the tobacco and bay leaf. It's really clean in its herbal scent, but it has this really nice sweetness too. I've had probably a dozen and a half varieties of her soaps. She did a honey latte one, which she still does from time to time, but it was directly inspired by [One Line's] honey latte, and she uses our coffee grounds in that soap loaf. She makes them all herself with essential oils and just pure butters and oils otherwise.

Smartypants Vintage

There's some really great vintage in Columbus, but I think [Smartypants Vintage's] collection is just so precisely executed. As far as men's go, it's top-notch. I have not encountered a better selection of men's vintage clothing - great ties, great jackets, amazing button-downs. I scored three short-sleeve sweaters from the '70s from them that are amazing. They have this terrycloth material, almost like a washcloth material, [with] looped fabric - amazing.

Rishi Sushi Kitchen & Bar

They have some really creative sushi dishes - really extravagant rolls and sushi balls. I usually order the yellow tail sushi ball, which is just a clean fish and really simple; it's not anything really extravagant like all of these other rolls. That's kind of my sushi preference anyway, and I'm never disappointed.


[Last year] was just so overwhelmingly exciting, and that energy level I could just not comprehend. It was massive. It's insane; I think it's probably the most exciting parade event in all of Columbus. Last year I think they had like 300,000 people attend. It was a huge event. I have a lot of LGBTQ people in my life so I'm a huge supporter for equal rights. It's just an infectious energy I can't get enough of.

Mick Evans

Managing partner for retail operations, One Line Coffee

745 N. High St., Short North, and 41 S. High St., Downtown