Things We Love: Picks from Land-Grant Brewing's Walt Keys

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Columbus Alive

Columbus Craft Beer Week is much longer than a week, but I suppose in some ways that makes sense. A single week cannot contain all the craft beer makin’ and drankin’ in the ’Bus these days. From Thursday through Sunday, Land-Grant Brewery alone is hosting or involved in nearly half a dozen shenanigans, like Thursday's souvenir pint night at Marshall's, a special beer release at Bodega, a bowling and tap takeover at Athletic Club of Columbus (both also on Thursday), and a Tapper Takeover at 16-Bit Bar+Arcade on Friday. Most excitingly of all (at least to yours truly) is the Franklinton brewery’s plans to start making sour beers (!), which are just one of owner Walt Keys’ favorite things.

Alex Cameron

I saw this guy open for Foxygen at Skully’s a few weeks back. He’s from Australia and he’s kind of like a David Bowie character but tall and lanky and has a real lounge-singer vibe. Real stripped down, kind of goofy songs about this alternate-universe showbiz lifestyle. It’s real unusual but it gets in your head and sticks there. It’s got a little of that smarmy, lounge-y thing, but more synthesizer-based, really stripped down, and kind of similar in subject matter and vibe to Father John Misty.

Banh mi at Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

It’s on Morse Road, so it’s a little bit of a hike, but there’s something about the nice grilled chicken with crunchy pickled vegetables; I wake up in the middle of the night craving it and it doesn’t go away until I go get one. If I can make it out to Morse Road to Huong, that’s the spot, but Lan Viet at the North Market is my closer, nearby spot to go to. It’s a great inexpensive lunch nearby.

The Bruery’s sour beers

Every beer I’ve had from them — they do basically all barrel-aged sour beers — has been phenomenal. That’s something we here are really into and we’re going to start to do. Those beers by The Bruery are sort of the pinnacle of what can be done with that style. Their Oude Tart is phenomenal, as well as their Tart of Darkness and their Rueuz. That’s an inspiration for us.

Andy Johnson’s tattoos

I don’t have any by him yet. I got a tattoo at his shop, but not by him. I got this Twin Peaks guy here. I follow him on Instagram. I love his artwork, his style — just black ink only. Incredible. That’s someone local who’s doing something really cool. I love his style and I love what he’s doing down there on Long Street.

Photographer Matthew Carbone

He used to be based here in Columbus, but is now out of Brooklyn. Does mostly architectural photography, landscape work. Photos of what seem to be bleak and uninteresting landscapes do it for me. Something in the void of nothing that’s cool and interesting to me. He also did a series of photos in Iceland. He’s super talented, someone I look up to.

The classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Can’t go wrong with that. Beautiful lines, just nostalgic shape. Big American vehicle. I guess they’re bringing it back in a couple of years, but it’s probably going to cost $75,000 and probably not be the same. If anyone ever asks me what me dream car is, it’s a 1986 Grand Wagoner, navy with the wood panel.

Walt Keys

Owner/creative director, Land-Grant Brewing Co.