Things We Love: Picks from Andy Willis

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Columbus Alive

This seems to be an ever-changing topic in my life. Things and people come and go throughout life, once loved and then forgotten. So, I have set out to share the things that I am in love with, right now at this moment in time.


A few weeks ago I received my long-awaited Rustbelt polo-specific custom bike. The Mercedes of polo bikes is forged by Rustbelt Welding in Cleveland. The bike is designed for exceptional maneuvering and stability on a polo court. Folks say it’s not the equipment that makes a player, but with a Rustbelt, it makes the game easier while making me more competitive. Twelve hours of clear-coating the raw frame and fork let me bond with my new steed. Her name is Bria and she is beautiful.


This was an expensive splurge, but oh man was it worth it! The blanket is woven from domestic wool, blended with a small amount of cotton for a softer feel, and is finished with tucked selvage sides and a whip-stitched top and bottom. Each blanket comes secured in a Best Made leather blanket sling, making it perfect for campers on the go. Haven't used it for camping yet, though I am using it every night as my primary sleep blanket. Hot or cold it gets the job done.


This has been a love for a long while. It started with his films and has continued on to his podcasts (“SModcast,” “Fatman on Batman” and “SMoviemakers”). A natural storyteller and the most candid speaker I have ever listened to. His podcasts incorporate smart, irreverent commentary on entertainment, social issues and personal life lessons. His encouragement has empowered me to help create a podcast, “SHUFFLE! A Polo-Cast” with a couple of my brethren in the polo community.


With so many handmade backpack companies, this was an easy choice considering. Seagull creates a strong, durable and comfortable pack. Waterproof to the max and lightweight. I’m never without it. Going on two years old and worn in all weather, traveled to many tournaments, banged around and beat up — still looks like new. Sure, you can get similar bags elsewhere, but why would you?


I work at Lucky’s and may be a bit biased, but this stuff is amazing. What might be more amazing is that I figured out how to work the grinder without maiming myself. Plus, you have choices on what you want. Honey-roasted, chocolate and peanuts or straight-up plain creamy. I choose the plain creamy. Fantastic freshness and slightly crunchy but not in a Jiffy sorta way. Thick honey wheat bread, sliced strawberries, homemade strawberry jam and Lucky’s peanut butter is my new go-to for every meal. It’s like having dessert for every meal.

Andy Willis

Bike polo player, podcaster