Fashion: What are you wearing, CJ Brazelton?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As a full-time artist and a founding member of the MINT Art Collective, CJ Brazelton takes his work home with him — normally on his shoes and clothing. The 24-year-old takes inspiration for both his artwork and wardrobe from the industrial spaces he works in, as well as the urban and punk scene, and Dennis Rodman.

Hat: Stussy. “I love snap-back hats because you can wear them with anything.”

Hair: “Right now I’m letting my hair do whatever it wants to do. I used to look up to Dennis Rodman for his flamboyance, so the [hair dye] is almost an homage to him.”

Jacket: Thrifted. “I love oversized shirts or jackets paired with fitted clothing. It’s how I tie in the urban style with the rest [of my look].”

Tank Top: Thrifted. “Tank tops are my summer go-to.”

Pants: Thrifted. “I always peg my pants to show off my shoes and socks. I vibe with East Coast style, so I like to wear lots of neutral colors and fitted cuts. I guess I grew out of wearing baggy pants.”

Shoes: Ben Sherman. “The wing-tip design lets me dress these shoes up or down. I don’t do sneakers.”

Photos by Meghan Ralston

Age: 24

Hometown: Cincinnati

Current neighborhood: Merion Village

Day job: Artist - "Living that grant money life."

Currently listening to: Tink

Describe your personal style: "Urban and punk, decorated with paint splatters."

Style icons: Raf Simons and Rick Owens