What Are You Wearing: Qamil Wright

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Qamil Wright doesn't have time for fuss. When she isn't on stage performing as an R&B singer, promoting artists from her Soul Dope Entertainment label or filming "The Pop Up Show," which premieres in the fall, she's playing mom to her young daughter. By sticking to her "simple and sexy" aesthetic, Wright seamlessly transitions from work to play with big earrings and the perfect shade of lipgloss.,

Describe your personal style: "Simple, classic and sexy."

Style Icons: "My grandmother is a preacher's wife. She's very demure but she can kill you with a look. [She] and my grandfather have been married 50 years, and they coordinate together on Sundays."

Hair: I change my hair really often. I expected it to be hot, so I decided to go with twists for the past few months because they are low-maintenance.

Makeup: By Tru Faces Makeup by Tinisha. I like getting my makeup done for events, and Tinisha really knows my face. But even if I don't have plans, I never leave the house without lip gloss.

Earrings: I'm into big earrings. They are more fun.

Dress: Agape Pennywell of "World of Agape." She is a local designer who I love. I originally went to her for something black and simple, but she made me try this dress. The cut is so pretty I had to have it.

Bracelet: Borrowed from my mother. I'll hear about wearing this when she sees this article.

Shoes: Target. I'm past my stilettos phase. Wedges give me the height I want without the pain.

Age: 33

Hometown: South Side

Current neighborhood: East Side

Day job: CEO of Soul Dope Entertainment

Currently listening to: Ray Woods