Things We Love: Joe DeLoss's picks

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Columbus Alive
Joe DeLoss

Social entrepreneur and community activist Joe DeLoss decided on a whim to take a stab at Nashville-style hot chicken. His Hot Chicken Takeover quickly graduated from a wildly popular pop-up restaurant to a wildly popular North Market spot, as well as a food truck. The chicken is addictive, and it often comes with a free grin from the boss. - Brad Keefe

Schiller Park

The crowd at Schiller represents a perfect slice of Columbus - folks from across the spectrum of our city spend time gathering, playing, and relaxing there. We live close enough (and in a small enough place) that Schiller has become our giant, communal backyard.

Iced tea

I couldn't have a Things I Love list without sharing my love for iced tea. I'm a connoisseur of this brewed, steadily caffeinated potion. I generally consume around a gallon of unsweetened green or black tea a day. Those closest to me refer to it as a "tray" - i.e. buying 4 large iced teas that fill a drink carrier. Local favorites are from Bubbles and Stauf's in the North Market.

The"Frozen" Soundtrack

This is more of a "hate to love" item. With a 2-year-old generally in tow, I've mastered the lyrics to the entire soundtrack. Sometimes I catch myself driving and singing, only to look back in my mirror and realize I'm riding solo.

My HCT team

I work with an unbelievable team of people. They keep me motivated, pick me up, and give me a reason to keep hustling. We just took an epic field trip to Nashville - see it and tell me they're not lovable.

North Market

Obvious disclosure: I'm biased on this one. My favorite thing about working at the market is stocking up for supper on my way home. My circuit includes (in this order): Barrel & Bottle, Jeni's, Little Eater Produce & Provisions, and Bluescreek or The Fish Guys.


I believe I live in the most generous and gracious community in the country. Having popped around as an adult a bit, I can't imagine being anywhere else.