The List: Halloween costumes to avoid in 2015

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive

With Halloween right around the corner, some of you are likely scrambling to come up with a last-minute costume. Don't let the onset of panic lead you to settle on something regrettable, though. Here are a dozen disguises we recommend you avoid this year.

Sexy Minion

Some creations aren't meant to exist in the "sexy" variety.

Sexy Cecil the Lion

This goes double when the subject was brutally - and illegally - killed. Instead of springing nearly $120 on this getup (side note: really?) take the money and donate it to an animal conservation charity of your choosing.

Anything that should come with a spoiler warning

What do you mean [redacted "Game of Thrones" character] is dead?

The UConn mac-and-cheese bro

Let he who is without drunken misdeeds cast the first stoner food.

Caitlyn Jenner

At best you'll appear intolerant to issues of gender identity.

Donald Trump

Trump is almost certainly going to be this year's Walter White, turning up in clusters of three of more at virtually every Halloween party. You can do better.

Lamar Odom

Too soon.

Bill Cosby

The disgraced comic becomes an increasingly toxic presence with each victim that steps forward alleging rape, and there's no sweater hideous enough to introduce even a hint of lightheartedness to the situation.

Left Shark

We're at the point now where babies conceived around the time of Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance are nearly to term, which is probably a decent sign that this costume idea has jumped the (left) shark.

Kim Davis


Anything involving blackface

This one should go without saying by now, but every year someone thinks they've come up with the one exception to the rule. You haven't, so don't.

Rachel Dolezal

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