Things We Love: Picks from Anne Boninsegna and Jen Lindsey of The Kitchen

Kristen Schmidt, Columbus Alive

Anne Boninsegna and Jen Lindsey had a crazy idea a few years ago to build a space in German Village that would be a hub of "participatory cooking," meals that bring diners together to not just eat but to prepare a feast for a crowd. Turns out the idea was so crazy, it worked. Boninsegna and Lindsey now regularly host participatory dinners, as well as hosting a popular Taco Tuesday night dinner, pop-ups and other private events. We love their style and their take on community, so, naturally, we just had to know what they love.

North Market Spices

You can get anything! Really, every time we think we will need to look hard for a special spice, Ben has it, and he is so knowledgeable! We can't get enough of their cinnamon and go through more cumin and ginger than you can imagine.

Our local produce farm community

Despite a tough growing season, they have continued to provide exceptional produce that we are proud of. We work closely with Swainway, Green Edge Farms and Urban Farms of Central Ohio. Each one has beautiful products and a passion for what they do that comes through in their customer service and their goods.

Fall sunsets

This fall has been exceptional in Ohio, and from our location in German Village, we are lucky to have a perfect view to our east of all of the magic mother nature has been sending. We love sneaking a peek during events and sharing the beauty with our guests.

Late-harvest tomatoes

These little rugged beauties remind us to hold on to those last days of summer. They aren't always the prettiest, but they have a particular sweetness you just don't forget.

The sunflower field in Yellow Springs

We recently went on a staff camping trip to John Bryan State Park and stopped by the Tecumseh Land Trust to see the sunflowers on our way home. What a lovely gift to be able to take time away with a great group of people that we love. The sunflowers were so beautifully in bloom and a sweet reminder that we are fortunate for this time and for these people that have come in to our lives.

Hall & Oates station on Pandora

We listen to a lot of music at work (is there another way to cook?) and Hall & Oates (and all the other fun musicians of the early '80s) is at the top of our list. We tend to listen to '80s music (Erasure is on just about as much) because it is so singable, and if you want to break into an impromptu dance party, the beat is definitely there for you.