Things We Love: Picks from PromoWest Live's Marissa Luther

Kristen Schmidt, Columbus Alive

Marissa Luther has a really impressive email signature, which identifies her three roles as marketing director of PromoWest Productions in Columbus, Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati and Buckle Up Country Music Festival, also in Cincinnati. Since we're sure she's got all-access passes to any show she cares to see, we thought she'd have some pretty cool answers for our weekly Things We Love guest column. -Kristen Schmidt


I know I'm late to the party but it takes me forever to finish video games and I am almost done with this one. I just get obsessed with trying to complete all of the side quests. My goal is to get it finished before the new Fallout release. I don't think I'll make it but I'm going to try!

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Fall is the best time of year because it means Ren Fest time! I go every year, and it never gets old. I wish I could live there. The Mudde show is always awesome and the warm Meade on a cold day is so perfect.

Adult Coloring Books

Since I'm typically super-busy all the time with shows and work, it's hard for me to sit still and relax when I actually have a night at home. I just got an adult coloring book to help with relaxation and I love it! I think it's taken away from some of my Skyrim play, though, so I should probably put it down for a while. But they're addictive!

Sunday Funday

It usually starts out at with brunch at Philco or Union and then the bar hopping commences! On a nice day bar-hopping in the Short North is the best! Sometimes I go out with a group of friends or just me and the hubby, and sometimes it's on Saturdays, but it's always a good time. Stops at Local Bar and Oddfellows are always mandatory.

Airbnb and Traveling

I just booked a trip to New York City in December and Austin in February, and I am now obsessed with looking at Airbnb listings. It makes me want to travel all the time! I found a van that you can rent for $39 a day in New York City and thought it was hilarious.