Internet Famous: Sid Blair: Butt Selfies

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Sid Blair is an artist, and the palette for his masterpiece was butt cracks.

The man behind the most popular post of all time on Reddit’s /funny forum started a joke because it was funny to him. It turns out, a lot people agree.

Delaware, Ohio, native Blair was in Richmond, Virginia, for a huge tournament of the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. He went there because he loves playing Magic, but almost immediately inspiration hit.

“We to Richmond, and they have this thing called the player meeting. And I was sitting in Seat 24, and there was a dude across from me, and behind him I could see this dude with his ass crack hanging out,” recalled Blair. “And this was something I'd previously done before at the local game shop I go to (Hobby Central). I would just always do it, I don't know why. It's funny. To me.”

Sid posed in front of the exposed derriere mimicking an already popular meme known as hardstyle. “It's this sort of ironic, joking thing, where you look as tough as can,” Blair explained. “I always thought it would be funny to do that near weird shit.”

“So I saw this dude's ass, and it was there, and I'm like, yeah, I'm doing it. So before the tournament even started, I had one down.” This is when Blair’s weekend started to take a weird turn.

“First match comes around, and I win, which is tight. After that round is done, I see another dude, and I do it again,” recalled Blair. “I didn't think for it to be a series. The reaction on my Instagram was pretty good. They were, like, this is pretty funny.”

After a few more losses — and a desire to see his friend Justin Rike play a Magic hall-of-famer — knocked Blair out of the second day of the tournament, he eventually turned his attention to actively seeking out more shots.

“There are only two true ‘biblical’ selfies. I only had my phone in my hand twice. Most of them were me taking my phone's self-timer and setting my phone on my own stuff,” said Blair. “And nobody noticed me the whole time. Nobody.” By the end of the weekend, Blair had a substantial gallery of photos of himself, hardstyling, next to unsuspecting buttocks.

A few days later, Blair decided (after some internal debate) to post the gallery to Reddit. Blair said he “woke up the next day with hundreds of notifications on my phone, a hundred missed calls. I was like, oh no, I don't know what's going on. But something's going on.”

Blair’s post was on the front page of Reddit. He got more than his share of praise, as well as some backlash. “There was a lot of discussion about, was it bullying? Was it fat-shaming? Was it harassment?” said Blair. “And I didn't mean it to be that way … Most of the responses I've gotten from people that were in the pictures were positive. One dude said he was a local celebrity because of it. And that's sick!”

But Blair’s favorite reactions to the post isn’t the praise he got for cracking thousands of people up. “I used to get a death threat a week,” said Blair. “I think they're hilarious. I think they're incredible. I think that I have accomplished something because of that.”

One the flip side, Blair also read a genuinely touching message he received from someone who said they were contemplating suicide but got a much-needed laugh. “Your post made me forget about it,” it read. “I'm doing a lot better now.”

Blair’s stunt also landed him an 18-month ban from DCI, the ruling body that oversees Magic tournaments. “My ban was lifted from playing Magic on September 14. I died for my sins, but I died for my people.”

His people also pay tribute to Blair. A perusal of his Instagram account (@biblicalfigure) shows dozens of tribute posts and Photoshop versions of Blair’s famous posts, including one in front of the butt that “broke the internet,” Kim Kardashian.

The viral staying power of Blair’s post has led to plenty of real-life interactions, and Blair gets a huge kick out of his prolonged moment of fame, posing for tons of picture with well-wishers, including one girl who made a photo of Blair with her own ass her Facebook profile picture. “Some people are super juiced to meet me,” said Blair. “Some people are just, like, hey, you're that guy!”

“What could have prepared me for this? Nothing. Nothing can compare you for going from another random guy to not.”