Things We Love: Picks from Joey Hendrickson, Columbus Songwriters Association

Kristen Schmidt, Columbus Alive

Joey Hendrickson gets his hands in music to an extent that could fill this page and more. A sample of his involvements: the Columbus Songwriters Association, Local Music Shelf and the Columbus Music Commission. At the 2016 South By Southwest festival in Austin, he'll lead a workshop called "How to Build a Music City." "Anything good I do comes from my love for music," he said. "I'm fueled by it." But he's hardly one-note, as we found out when we asked for a few of his favorite things.- Kristen Schmidt

Paleo Hot Chocolate

I said goodbye to sugar about five years ago, which leaves me looking for workarounds on the classics. Last week, my friend Amanda told me aboutpaleo hot chocolate, and I can't help but pay it forward. Share these recipes with your friends, and watch as we all slowly evolve back into cave people.

Holiday Parties

Who doesn't love house shows, white elephant exchanges, and holiday parties? There's something so right about accidentally spilling eggnog on the living room couch as people are scrambling to Instagram your bearded roommate's attempt to sing Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song" to an enthusiastic, yet secretly memeing jury of musically gifted friends (no pressure, Jay Clouse).

Visible Breath

Winter is my favorite season. The sub-freezing air turns all of our noses red and runny, our breath becomes visible, and no one can hide their humanness or claim to be any less or more human than the next person. That visible breath connects us, and I can't help but love the chill every time I step outside.

Live Music

I live in SoHud, just a stone's throw from Rumba Cafe, Rambling House, RubyTuesday, Wild Goose Creative, Ace of Cups, Spacebar, Dick's Den, Scarlet and Grey, Kafe Kerouac and Brothers Drake. It's just a few minutes' drive to Garden Theatre, Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza, Newport, Skully's, Shadowbox, the newly opened Big Room Bar, The Walrus, Notes in the Brewery District, and the very recent opening of Donatos in the Short North. Being surrounded by live music is just another easy reason to love Columbus.


It's the perfect time of year to express life, love and even loss. I enjoy taking risks and being a little more vulnerable with friends and family during seasons of change. With new year resolutions fast approaching, there's no better time to swap life hacks.