The List: Top 10 Lists

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

We've been doing our weekly listicle since before listicles were cool, but you all seem to love them still. Here were our most popular of 2015.

10. Best bass players ever (according to a bass player)

We got some expert advice for this one, asking Lydia Loveless' bassist/husband Ben Lamb to share some of his personal favorites.

9. 8 reasons we are excited John Travolta is filming in Columbus

When it was announced that Travolta would be shooting his new movie "I Am Wrath" in Columbus, we paid tribute with a series of great suggestions. We still think Nina West would make a great Sandy in a "Grease" remake.

8. Fifty Shades of Grey Ranked from Worst to Best

When the "Fifty Shades" movie hit theaters, we went very literal with this one, ranking actual shades of grey.

7. Why the Doo Dah Parade is our favorite Columbus 4th of July tradition

Forget Red, White & Boom. We'll take the Marching Fidels.

6. 11 reasons we're excited about Columbus getting an IKEA

With the announcement that IKEA was coming to Columbus in 2017, the city's fans of cheap and stylish furniture lost their collective shit.

5. 10 greatest Columbus hip-hop songs of all time

Alive contributor and hip-hop head Paul Meara shared his 10 favorite tracks that spanned the decades in this List that accompanied Andy Downing's in-depth retrospective on the late, great Camu Tao.

4. 13 Columbus eats that should be stadium foods

With the Crew SC welcoming some local favorite eats to Mapfre Stadium this year - including Jeni's and Hot Chicken Takeover - we brainstormed a pretty great list of other options.

3. 16 ways Columbus will be affected by the new 380 area code

When it was announced that Columbus was getting a second area code, we imagined a near-future where (614) had lost all relevance.

2. Rock on the Range Do's and Don'ts

When ROTR returned for 2015, veteran Rangers Abernathy Miller and I shared their pro-tips, some serious, some not so serious.

1. 14 people you see at every ComFest

You know them … from The Guy Who Brings His Own Guitar to Babachu.