Things We Love: Picks from Zach Henkel

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

You may know Zach Henkel from such things as: a) the patio at old Bodega b) a pedicab or c) the roof of 400 West Rich. We asked the veritable man-about-town for a few of his favorite things.- Brad Keefe

The Scioto Mile

I pass through, across from or parallel to the Scioto Mile almost every day. The finished product looks monumental. Might I say it could be Columbus' unnecessarily long-sought-after image? Either way, with the removal of the low head dams, I'm thinking of doing a canoe trip from Columbus to Portsmouth in 2016. I've mastered cycling, walking and the road trip. The Scioto Mile has inspired me to get my feet wet.


Kewpee is a tiny purist burger chain in Lima, Ohio. I've made it to three of their five locations. It's a time machine of a restaurant and was the inspiration for Wendy's. Any investors reading this want to open a franchise with me in downtown Columbus? Their motto is "Hamburg pickle on top, makes your heart go flippity-flop."

Lindsey Klun

God bless Lindsey Klun! Handsome devil.


Clutter is ugly, dangerous and hampers the soul. My ideal house would have all undulating surfaces so no clutter could collect. I spent the last five years clearing all the junk and oddities out of 400 West Rich; it's finally starting to look organized.


I love reading paper maps and have since childhood. I collect them and display them in my house. I have hundreds of varying subjects and styles. Map reading may be my best skill; I'm faster than Google. If you pair traveling with an understanding of geography and history, your world makes a lot of sense. If you have any maps you don't want, I'll take them, might even buy them.

The Downtown YMCA

I've been going there to work out on the weekdays. I like how quiet the weight room is. It's mostly men and very little talking and no music, just the clink of iron and breathing. They supposedly have a dress code, but people wear anything there: boots, jorts … the other day a lady was lifting weights in a big trench coat.