The List: 13 bold predictions for 2016

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

Bet you didn't know we can see the future, did you? Here's a look at what's to come in 2016, presented in chronological order.

Hot Chicken actually takes over

In a stunning coup just days into the Ginther administration, Joe DeLoss' secret plan comes to fruition. I, for one, welcome our new hot chicken overlords.

El Nino extends Columbus patio season

The upside of wild weather patterns? Outdoor bloody marys in February.

Jennifer Lawrence falls down at the Oscars

America's clumsy sweetheart strikes again.

Guns N' Roses added to the bill at Rock on the Range

And they recreate the peak GNR live experience by not showing up.

Actual hoverboards

Not those flaming deathtraps that have WHEELS THAT TOUCH THE GROUND. Give us the real thing, science.

Somebody grumbles about the ComFest lineup

And then they still go anyway.

Feedbags are the new food truck

In search of even lower overhead costs, burgeoning chefs take to the streets and just scoop food right into your mouth.

Emoji-based language emerges

IRL communication is so 2015.

We learn a proper Buckeyes-life balance

A rebuilding year teaches us that there's more to life - and Columbus - than Buckeye football. Then Urban Meyer leaves for the Browns coaching job.

The Dispatch endorses a Democrat for president

And it's Bernie Sanders.

Ohio legalizes weed in 2016

But it can only be grown in a megafarm owned by Michael Coleman. C'mon, you don't think he left office without a plan, do you?

Trump Tower rises in the Short North

After Ohio leads to his defeat in the presidential race, Trump ruffles the feathers of those already lamenting the changing face of the Short North with a massive tower bearing his name, likeness and hair.

Columbus finally gets on the map

Come on, Rand McNally. It's time.