Things We Love: Picks from Bill Patterson

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive
Bill Patterson

I met Bill Patterson at a Wet Darlings show at (then) Circus in 2010. It was the beginning of a long, weird, troll-filled friendship that continues to this day. In 2015, his band released their excellent full-lengthBeautiful Things. In 2016, he will probably continue to be a jerk.

The Dube

Let's face it ... your knee-jerk reaction is that you grew out of the Blue Danube's greasy spoon diner-style fare when you graduated college or stopped playing in that one band and got a day job. Truth is, The Dube is more punk rock than you nowadays. Staying true to what's always been great about it, you can nab Steak & Eggs (any time of day) or the club sandwich (my personal fave) for less than you spend at Wendy's. I find myself in here almost twice a week, and their liquor selection is practically unmatched. Where else can you nosh on an $8 sandwich as wash it down with Johnnie Walker Blue?

Veritas Tavern

If The Dube was my low-brow everyman pick, Veritas is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. This hidden gem of a restaurant/cocktail bar is tucked away just north of Columbus in Delaware. The absolute most progressive restaurant in the Columbus area is putting out world-class cutting-edge tasting menus and cocktails right under your nose. Chef/owner Josh Dalton and his crew are smoking some crazy shit here ... no, not what you're thinking ... they're smoking meats, desserts and pastas. Seriously, people travel to bigger cities to visit restaurants of this caliber.

Free live beaver show!

Where to go after you've eaten and sipped yourself into a mouth-breathing stupor? The Olentangy Trail. Without a doubt, this running/walking/biking trail that runs from Worthington to German Village (or Fifth Avenue) provides well over 20 miles of naturey-fitnessy scenery. Not only have I seen multiple live beavers noshing around the woody river things, you'll get the even rarer sight of humans moving around and NOT looking at their cell phones.

Old hard cheese

No, I'm not talking about my own jokes. I'm lactose-intolerant and learned that hard cheeses aged over four months basically have zero lactose content. That's right, select Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss and others are back on the menu.

Columbus terrestrial radio

Being a musician, high-fiving the radio options we have can seem pandering or like I'm brown-nosing. Really, it's not. Try and find an equivalent to the local support you get from CD102.5FM, WCBE or even 105.7FM in Chicago or New York. We're lucky. I'm lucky. It's something special.