Things We Love: Picks from Blake Compton

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Blake Compton, CEO of Compton Construction, is building the businesses and communities that make up Columbus by leading one of the fastest-growing companies in Central Ohio. His integrated approach to commercial construction helps emerging businesses design and build out environments that bring brand experiences to life. Blake is a creative builder, an innovative leader, empowering advocate, a philanthropic donor and passionate community member that dedicates his time, talent and resources to building a better Columbus. Here are a few things he loves.

Killer Queen League

I'm probably the best Queen in Columbus. Don't believe me? I will be at Arcade Super Awesome on Wednesday nights dominating! Try to out scrape me. (Kreg, I'm better than you.)


Mikey and Joe's social reach alone was outstanding, never mind how awesome that pizza was. I hope more Columbus brands find ways to collaborate on products and mash-ups. The openness of Columbus to do such quirky things is part of what makes me love building so much.

Columbus Idea Foundry

I met Alex Bandar back at his old space on Corrugated Way in 2011 when looking for a space to do (what was at the time) the largest Crew SC Nordecke banner. Now that Columbus Idea Foundry is transforming the creative district of Franklinton - and we are privileged with the monumental task of designing and building this rebirth - I can't help but revel in what could go down as the highlight of my career. It's a magnificent moment for all of Columbus,really.

Building Breweries

Simply put, the craft brewing industry is one of the top industries for collaboration in my professional experience. Having now worked with six (and counting) local brewers in building out their spaces, I've seen this collaborative energy amplified, and it's absolutely intoxicating (pun intended).

CoGo & Colored Belts

Last year, I found the good word of CoGo. I love the freedom of riding a bike I can dock at any station across the city. Now that they are adding even more stations, it will only increase my exploration of the alleys and side streets of this wonderful city. But I won't just be wearing colored pants this year, that's so 2015 (you hear me Brad Keefe?). This year it's all about the colored belts.