Things We Love: Picks from Funke

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Columbus-based Funke is a brewing tornado emerging from Memphis, Tennessee, with a sound that explores the depths of Ancestral House and Global Soul. With the intentions of raising the vibrations of the audience, Funke seeks to provide a safe and sacred space to dance like no one is watching. You can find her in Columbus with Conjure at Double Happiness on Sunday, April 24.

Pants by World of Agape

My wardrobe is not complete without pants by Columbus-based designer Agape of World of Agape ( They are the most comfortable and elegant pants I've found on the market. When I put them on, it's like I'm floating down the street as they wave and whip in the wind. These got me out my love affair with Old Navy Rockstar jeans, and I haven't looked back since. I have at least five different styles.

JeJu Sauna

A trip to Atlanta is not complete without going to JeJu Sauna. It's a traditional Koreanjjimjilbang (public bath house) that's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's a perfect getaway for the whole family, with over 10 sauna rooms ranging from charcoal, jade, ice and amethyst to rock salt and gold. $25 gives you 24-hour access to a junior-sized Olympic pool, restaurant, game room and beauty salon. This is so perfect after a night dancing. Sometimes, if I visit ATL, I skip the hotel and stay at Jeju just to be able to hop from sauna to sauna.

Dirty Franks

Hot Bollywood Vegan Polish ripped and charred with fries and a Sweet Shirley (hard on the grenadine). It's such a roller coaster ride in my mouth. I often find myself zoning out the conversation and savoring every moment of it. This is my late-night go to, and my early starter for the day.


It's been the longest commitment for me since breathing. It is how I express my joy as well as my sadness. I love how my life is centered on music - DJing in different cities, working in a record store, production - it is like another set of lungs. We are all playing a part in the harmonics of the universe, and I am just playing mine.

My Grandparents Irean and Lugean Carroll

I am forever grateful to be a product of them. They are what America was built upon. My granny is like Superwoman to me. Even in her 70s she could climb on top of the roof and clean the gutters. As a child, we only went to the grocery store for meat and spices, as everything else was grown at home - from eggplant to peaches. Living with them, I was lucky enough to have a horse named Lady, who I would feed Cheese Puffs and leaves.