Things We Love: Picks from Nikki Portman

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Nikki Portman, a copywriter by day, launched the Spring Flea in 2010 as a one off idea, mostly because she wanted to shop in a place that didn't yet exist.

"I wanted to see a one-stop, open-air emporium of goods from the many makers and eagle-eyed vintage scavengers Columbus has in its grasp," Portman said. "I'm a Columbus native, so it's been cool to be able to do this here and see the city respond."

The next installment of the Spring Flea takes place Sunday, May 1 at Seventh Son Brewing, 1101 N. Fourth St. in Italian Village, from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Here are a few things Nikki loves.

Palomas at Seventh Son

Tequila is my jam (so naturally my favorite hang is a craft brewery), and Seventh Son just set up their frozen Paloma machine, so it's open season on tequila grapefruit goodness. Pro move: add a splash of cava, or float it over the Humulus Nimbus. It's super tasty.

Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

I like to read the play every spring. There's something about the way the flowers burst into being all at once and the way the sun comes out and drives people (the best kind of) crazy that makes me want to tap into those spritely verses and get inspired.

Happy Hour at the Rossi

I love the pizza, I love the people and I love the $5 wine pours. Plus, it's so cozy I often hang well past happy hour into borderline overstaying my welcome ;)

Stevie Nicks by Meagan Alwood-Karcic

Just look at her! I get to hang out with my beloved Stevie Nicks in the living room all the time, listening toTusk or whatever, because the magical Meagan Alwood-Karcic captured her so beautifully and let me take her home. (BTW, MEAK will be at Spring Flea.)

My Flea Bag

I take it with me everywhere: to the park, to the pool, to the grocery store, to the record store. It's sturdy and sizeable, and I love Erica Anderson's smiley graphic. It's an awesome carry-all. Come get one at Spring Flea!

Photo courtesy of Nathan Ward