The List: Combo words we'd like to see banished

Erica Thompson

As we explored the city's best brunch spots for our cover story, we decided that we like the word "brunch" almost as much as the late-morning meal. If only we could say the same for other combo words. We'd like to banish each one on this list.


This power couple is so 2005. Can we also leave the general practice of merging celebrity names back there? #TeamJen


This is giving vegetarians and vegans a bad name … literally.


A brag is a brag is a brag.


It's not too late to say sorry for adopting this label, as long as you admit that all fan group names are ridiculous. Except for the Beyhive. We repeat, we have nothing against the Beyhive…


If we can save one guy from using this in a pick-up line, we've really made a difference.


Don't let the simple name fool you; you are still doubling your chances of a heart attack by eating this pastry.


You should legally be allowed to punch anyone who says this to you seriously.


We still refuse to believe that this is a thing.


Filmmaker Kevin Smith could rightly be described as the Patron Saint of Jorts, a fashion nearly as regrettable as the term it spawned.


We want to see who cheerleads this series - the "Saw" of the sea - so we can shun them forever.


This absurd term has produced a whole industry of products and how-to guides, and we're mad that we didn't think of it first.


We should stop giving ourselves a license to stereotype others.


The moment we hear this in a presentation, we're tuning out.


Servers around the world should tack on an extra 50 minutes of wait time whenever a customer uses this word.


This term applies to characters in "Sex and the City" and "Gossip Girl." In other words, don't use it in real life.


Sure, this saves time in conversation and space in print, but that doesn't make it right.


We will reconsider if you can find a way to use this word in a serious sentence.


I think we've had enough primetime news specials on this topic so we can safely retire this word now.