Things We Love: Picks from Alexander Chang

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Alexander is a dancer, martial arts enthusiast, yoga teacher, "exercise artist" and more. Alexander started his life in movement as a ballet dancer; after a career-ending injury, he shifted his focus to the practice of yoga and mat Pilates. In 2001 he relocated to Columbus, where he would start his study of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts with Krav Maga. You can find Alexander putting together those skills and more during summer fitness events at the Columbus Commons (visit for more information) and year-round at Seven Studios Downtown and at CycleBAR Easton. Here are a few things he loves.

My Husband!

I think this one is pretty obvious. That being said, I remember a time when I thought I would never be able to have a marriage that would be recognized by the majority of America. Last year that changed, and it makes my marriage just a little bit more special than it already is!

Seven Studios

I was over the moon when one of my best friends and mentor Julie Wilkes won the grant and space on Third Street that would become Seven Studios. Fast forward a few months, and I had the privilege of teaching the first class at Seven. And I've been teaching with Julie ever since! The feeling of Seven is definitely a community center disguised as a fitness studio. I have made so many friends and I been given so many opportunities through Seven that sometimes I have to step back, take a breath and smile.

CycleBAR Easton

After many years teaching various indoor cycle classes I can say I have finally found the best cycle experience that can be had indoors. The sound and lighting system, the amenities, my fellow CycleSTARS - all of it is nothing short of spectacular. After my actual home and Seven Studios, CycleBAR is my third home!

Teaching at the Columbus Commons

For the past several years I've led fitness events at the Downtown park. But even the incredible sound system and the beautiful summer weather can't compare with the hundreds of people who allow me to spend time with them each week. The classes remind me of how I used to go outside as a kid and just run around, imagining I was a ninja or superhero. How often do adults actually get to do that now? I know several dozen people who get to do that at least once a week in the summer!


I could have selected any number of strong female icons - real or fictional - I am in love with right now. Madonna (who you will definitely hear at the Commons), Wonder Woman (who would be a timely answer since I squealed at Gal Gadot's flawless portrayal in "BvS"), Michelle Obama or even Julie Wilkes (again) would have been appropriate. But it is Catwoman who will always win out. She has been a part of my life since I first saw her portrayed by actress (and former ballet dancer) Julie Newmar the summer I turned nine. I even named one of my cats after one of the few she has named in the comic books.