Things We Love: Picks from Ryan Getz

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Ryan Getz is a lifelong Columbus resident (well, except for the college years in Chicago) who heads up Tuned Up, a music blog and promo company. Tuned Up will host the first ever Steadfast Festival at Veritas Short North on Saturday, May 14. Getz resides in Grandview, holds a business degree from Wheaton College and spends his days pondering his next investment or promotional scheme working for a private equity company in Worthington. Here are a few things he loves.

Veritas Community Church

A place full of people who share my passion for growing in my faith, the arts and authentic community? Count me in.

Graeter's Ice Cream

Unpopular opinion alert: I'd rather get a dish of double chocolate chip and cookie dough chip than one of Jeni's salty caramel. I got love for Jeni's, too, but the ice cream maker from Cincinnati wins this round.

Audiofeed Music Festival

My favorite music festival I've ever attended. Metalcore, punk, folk, post-rock, hip-hop and more in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Punks, goths, toddlers, hipsters, and grandparents hanging out at one family reunion kind of a festival, and more criminally underrated bands than you can sneeze at.


My favorite group has everything I would want in a band: Good songwriting, incredible stage presence, skilled musicianship and an over the top live production. My favorite records are self-titled andVitals.

The ocean

So many of my favorite places to visit are near the ocean. It's cliché, but I am calmed and awed by places on the ocean - often at the same time. San Francisco, the Palm Beach-area of Florida, Charleston, South Carolina, and more hold some of my favorite travel memories, and all are on the water.

Steadfast Festival

Veritas Community Church

Noon, Saturday, May 14

345 E. Second Ave.,

Italian Village