Things We Love: Picks from MINT

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive
Pictured from left to right: Cameron Granger, Amanda Furnari, Jamie Hartman, Albert Gray, Ryn Osbourne, Angela Jann, Tyler White and Marisa Espe

MINT is a collaborative, multidisciplinary space founded and operated by local artists. Abidingly fresh, adaptable, and dynamic, our mission at MINT is to support underrepresented and developing artists, to cultivate relationships within the community, to embrace alternative projects and to remain persistently disobedient to traditional thinking. Visit our website at or find uson Facebook, and then visit the space Friday, May 20, for our spring fundraiser. Here are a few things we love.

DIY spaces

Do-it-yourself is one of our mantras at MINT. As an artist-run space, we have our hands in and on every aspect of the space, from curating and installing gallery shows and booking performances to tech setup and facility renovations.

Even though we're DIY, we receive lots of support from the community at large, including friends, family, artists, peers, small businesses and local organizations. Dozens of amazing folks have donated time, goods, and services to our spring fundraiser. See the full list of supportershere. We hope you'll join us!

Femme, queer and/or artists of color

As MINT member Ginssiyo Apara demonstrated during his presentation atPecha Kucha #35, femme, queer and artists of color are sorely underrepresented in "the art world," but even in art spaces within Columbus. White, cishet men are completely outnumbered in our member roster not as a result of exclusionary practices, but rather by basic, enduring tenants of the space: safety, support, agency.

Merion Village

Tucked back by the railroad tracks and behind Buckeye Donuts ("not the campus one"), we are proud to be located in Merion Village. This neighborhood is not a marketing campaign, it doesn't have an art crawl night and it doesn't need "revitalization." It's a tightknit community with a strong, active neighborhood association, community activities and events, independently-owned businesses, public schools, a public library and public parks.


Our building is a former meat-processing facility, and we fondly treasure the remaining evidence of the space's former life. Our annual member exhibition, titled "MEAT SINK," references this - the MEAT SINK sign is a permanent fixture in our gallery. Our ongoing publication "CURED," equally inspired by a relief of what ails you and a meat preservation technique, will be included in the book store/library we're opening at the space this summer.

Alternatives to the alternatives

Back in August of 2014, we were 11 individuals who formed a collective because Columbus didn't have the alternative we sought. We didn't gripe and we didn't leave: we created our own alternative. Demonstrated by the artists who join as members and the artists who exhibit and perform who are unable to carry out their practice anywhere else, demonstrated by the friends of the space who come to have an experience they won't get anywhere else, demonstrated by the structure (perhaps, dis-structure) of the collective in which we are not beholden to any authority in any sense, we created our own alternative to the alternative.