Things We Love: Picks from Brian Koscho

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Brian Koscho has lived in Athens, Ohio for about 15 years, originally coming to the area as an Ohio University student and forgetting to leave once he finished school. He has worked at Stuart's Opera House and the Nelsonville Music Festival since 2007, starting off as an AmeriCorps VISTA and currently working as the marketing director. Koscho plays music with Athens-based band Unmonumental, helps run the Ohio music collective Aquabear Legion and lives in the west side of Athens with his wife, a dog and a cat. Oh, and he cannot wait for all of you to come have a really good time at the Nelsonville Music Festival.

Nelsonville Music Festival

This will be the 10th Nelsonville Music Festival I have worked and I would not want to be doing anything else. So many people work so hard on this festival to make it an amazing experience from top to bottom. All of this energy goes into putting on this four-day party and nothing is better than watching everyone come in and enjoy it.

The Union

The Union Bar & Grill in Athens is an institution, and one of those places that I honestly can say I have no idea what my life would be like without it. It's where I grew up, the first place I played music in front of people, the first place I got too drunk in college and where I met so many lifelong friends, including my wife. It's also the place we all went immediately after our wedding reception. The best rock 'n' roll bar ever was struck by a terrible fire in November 2014 and just recently reopened. Now all is well with the world.

Haffa's Records

Columbus has some great record stores, and I make sure to try to make semi-regular stops at Lost Weekend, Used Kids, Spoonful and others, but if the Union was a second home to me, it shares the title with Haffa's Records. It's one of the best record stores around, and always a point of pride for my adopted home. Take a road trip an hour down the road, buy some records and say hi to Andrew.

The Dollop

The Dollop is an American history podcast from two comedians (Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds) that is as funny as it is smart. I love history, and these guys cover some of the weirdest stories from it. I highly recommend the episode on the death of George Washington, or the one on Ten-Cent Beer Night at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium. And speaking of Cleveland sports....

The 2016 Cleveland Browns Season

Look, this is the most optimistic time period for a Browns fan - they haven't lost a game yet! I grew up in Lorain, just outside of Cleveland, and have been a huge Browns fan forever. Even though the past few (OK, 17) years have been a little rough, I am feeling good about next year.