Things We Love: Picks from BravoArtist's Cory Hajde

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I grew up in Cleveland and lived there for 18 years before heading to Chicago to attend school at Columbia College and pursue something music related.While in school, I started managing a few acts in the metal scene and started a company with my buddy from Columbus, Ben Leubitz. Once I graduated, I decided to move to Columbus to work on a startup rather than taking the assistant route or starting at the bottom of some bigger music promotion company in a larger city. Here are a few things I love.

Independents' Day

This will be my third year going to Independents' Day and my first year being part of the wonderful committee that organizes it. This is my favorite thing I've discovered after moving here.I've met so many incredible bands, artists and people going to the event, and I can't wait to see it grow more and more each year.

Tavern Nachos at The Olde Towne Tavern

If you've ever experienced going to this rad place, you know about these nachos. Tavern is one of my favorite meet-up places to hang with friends and just chat about life.The nachos are a must have, and it's my favorite snack. I probably like them too much for my own good, but whatever, I'm a foodie.

"Bojack Horseman"

A little over a year ago, my girlfriend got me into this animated sitcom on Netflix. It's grown on me a ton and became my favorite TV show.It's funny but has a lot of undertones about overcoming self-esteem issues. I don't watch a ton of TV, but I love watching shows with character development, and I think that's why I've grown attached to this one.

The Columbus art scene

Even though I don't consider myself an artist in any way, I have been very fortunate to meet so many eclectic and talented artists. Between going to Gallery Hop, attending Independents' Day, dating an artist and throwing concerts, I've stumbled my way into developing a ton of relationships with some of the best creative minds.It's a huge influence on the things I do with my career and always sparks a ton of outside-the-box ideas to apply to my field of work.Plus, I get some kick-ass show posters out of it!

Columbus venues

Since I own BravoArtist, I absolutely have to give a shout out to the smaller, independent venues in the city, especially the ones I love to work with: Double Happiness, Ace of Cups, Woodlands Tavern and the Summit/Bobo.These places have not only given me a chance to bring in some of my favorite bands and best friends from the road, but they've given me a home in Columbus, and I couldn't be more grateful for that.Every venue is very eccentric, and I take a lot of influence from the people who continue to make a mark behind the scenes.