Things We Love: Picks from HMAAADI'SHA'RIST

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Columbus Alive

Hmaadi has been DJing in Columbus for the last three years and is the cofounder of BLVCK ICE. He's been booked at hip-hop, techno and rock events because of his wide-reaching enthusiasm for music. Trivia: In 2009, Diplo played in his Atlanta loft until 5 a.m. Check out his latest mixtapeSummer Sixteen SlutWalk Race Riotat

Instant Runoff Voting

The two-party binary system is trash, and I'm reminded of this every major election year. It would be a dream for voters to rank candidates so that if your preferred choice does not claim the majority, your vote is counted towards to your second choice. If that candidate doesn't have enough support, your vote continues to count until the winner with a true(r) majority emerges. If I want Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on my ballot (in that order), I'm no longer worried about splitting the vote and picking the lesser of two evils. Check and tell me it's not the sensible thing to do.

I bought so many magazines, books and comics in the '90s. I loved to pore through liner notes of the albums I enjoyed. Sometimes, an unfortunate album could have great liner notes! With so much media now being offered primarily digitally, my voracious reading is often online. I cherish publications that fuse a stunning visual aesthetic with a one-of-a-kind point of view. Refigural is that. You might think it's all the craft beer that makes Columbus special. And you're wrong - it's Refigural!

Freetown Sound and Anti

The latest albums by Blood Orange and Rihanna, respectively, surprised me with how listenable they are throughout. I love contemporary R&B this moody, sleek, vulnerable, erotic and catchy - sometimes all in one song.


This is my darling. I fret over the details of my dance party/music event to the detriment of the rest of my life. Musa Sesay approached me about creating a night in the city that spoke to not only the music we loved, but our identities as people of African descent. There are many dance parties in this city, some of which are good, that heavily traffic in black music with hardly any black PEOPLE attending or making the night happen. Our event was gestating in the wake of the killing of Mike Brown in 2014 and the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement. I'm so proud of the crowd our events bring out. The next BLVCK ICE, "Body Party," a body-acceptance and fat-positive dance night, takes place at a secret location on Friday, July 22.

Tom the Dancing Bug

As a person who has taken great joy in reading and drawing from a young age, I found (too much) time for comic strips until I went to college. After that, I liked my comics like I liked my film: small-scale romantic comedies, art-house dramas, non-fiction and the surreal. When living in cities that don't print "Tom the Dancing Bug," I get my fix online. Reading Ruben Bolling's insight into our socio-political climate, informed by his uncanny sense of humor, educates and informs in marvelous fashion.