The List: Definitive ranking of jackets

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive
My Morning Jacket

With a new season of Blue Jackets hockey about to kick off, we thought we'd provide our readers with a definitive ranking of jackets. Here's where we landed.

If it was 1992 this puffy sports accessory would be number one with a bullet. (Too soon?)

This '80s-era throwback goes perfect with a wispy mustache and that "Old School" quoting "I'm here for the gang bang" T-shirt.

Over two decades and more than 20 albums, the instrumental guitar band, known for dressing in flashy suits and multicolored Lucha Libre masks, has amassed a cult following in the U.S. that pales in comparisons to the audiences it draws south of the border. In 2013, 50,000 fans attended the band's show at Foro Sol arena in Mexico City.

Bump this one up a few notches if you're a private investigator along the lines of Inspector Gadget or Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther films. (Conversely, bump it down a few if you're a flasher.)

The 2005 thriller, starring Adrien Brody, is better than its reputation, assuming the Amazon customer reviews are to be believed (4.1 out of 5 stars on 193 reviews). Check out what one caps-loving critic had to say: "Adrien Brody At His Best Once More. This Movie Is So Good And The Twist And Turns Will Keep You Wondering And On The Edge Of You Seat."

Far better than actual rabbit fur coats (you monster), Lewis' 2006 solo debut found the Rilo Kiley singer embracing throwback sounds like country-folk ballads and church spirituals to intoxicating effect.

As long as winter is still a thing in Ohio these cozy jackets will maintain relevance. (So at least 5 to 7 more years, we'd guess.)

The long-time New England Patriots tight end finished his football career with 499 receptions for 5,555 yards and 50 touchdowns. (And how nice would that symmetry be if he'd had just one more catch?)

Not to get all "I'm a fan of their earliest material" on you, but I still prefer when the reverb-loving Southern rockers pick up their Flying-V guitars and let it rip (see: "One Big Holiday") instead of experimenting with form on haven't-aged-well oddities like "Holdin' on to Black Metal."

Unlike most jackets (save for our top choice), denim jackets only look better with age. Plus they're the easiest to accessorize with sewed-on patches and/or paint.

Collins' third album doesn't include his best song (that'd be "In the Air Tonight"), though Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman might disagree. "This is 'Sussudio,' a great, great song, a personal favorite," he says in "American Psycho," maybe the most twisted words a fictional character has uttered before killing another person.

The jacket made Gosling's tough-guy act in the 2011 film 53 percent more believable.

From Arthur Fonzarelli to Joey Ramone, a great leather jacket remains the gold standard.