Things We Love: Picks from Casey and Jesse Cooper of the Receiver

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Receiver will join Juke Box, Damn the Witch Siren and roeVy at the Alive/CD102.5-sponsored Masqueradio, which takes place at Newport Music Hall on Saturday, Oct. 29. Here are a few things the brothers/bandmates love.

How could anyone possibly live in Ohio and not appreciate the change of season? The fall, in particular, always feels like a new beginning after a couple months of scorched days and muggy nights. It's a less social season, which is perfect for writing new music. The sun sets a little earlier, the air is a bit more brisk and we can settle into rehearsals that don't turn into sweatbox sessions at our second-floor flat.

WCBE and Maggie have always been very gracious to us over the years. Growing up in Columbus, it was always a dream to one day have our local NPR station embrace and support our music. We're also always discovering new artists both national and local listening throughout the day. We'd also have to say "Live From Studio A" has encouraged us to roll the dice on shows of unfamiliar artists we'd have otherwise overlooked.

This is nothing new to beer enthusiasts around these parts, but Columbus Brewing Company's Bodhi is a double IPA beer. Until recently, Bodhi was always a limited or seasonal release. They're now bottling it and serving it on draft at bars. But, still, when you find it, Bodhi is a score. This nectar of the gods has the ability dominate your entire evening without aid of another cocktail. At a recent show this was our go-to beverage. We strongly encourage caution consuming while trying to operate a musical instrument.

We could look at this thing for hours, and sometimes we have to just to see if it will start working. Jesse had the craving for this certain piece of nostalgia a few weeks ago after attending the Lockn' Festival in Virginia, and acquired an old-school lava lamp shortly thereafter. It now serves as chill-out-vibes diffuser of our stereo shrine. We'll just fire that spotlight on the turquoise lava, and, after waiting a couple of long hours, it's all the chill-out vibes one can handle. Highly recommended.

There's nothing like being awakened in the van gasping for air and stuck to your sleeping bag from the blazing desert sun at a random truck stop near the Nevada/Arizona border. The promise of a new day, leaving whatever is there behind and getting on with it is something we've grown to really love.