Things We Love: Picks from Megan Green of Craftin' Outlaws

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Megan is the owner of Stinkybomb Soap, event planner of Craftin' Outlaws and co-organizer of Midwest Craft Con, bringing a highly curated selection of handmade goods to the great city of Columbus.

She's also a mother of two, wife to one and lover of all things craft-related.

Here are a few things she loves.

Craftin' Outlaws

While I have had the honor of running this beloved event since 2009, Outlaws has been representing handmade makers with a DIY attitude since 2005. It's hard to choose my favorites, as there are so many, but every Outlaw has a spot in my heart and the sponsors who help make this event a reality deserve every ounce of love.

Blockfort Columbus

Blockfort is where you can find my new production space, located in the Discovery District. A studio space filled with over a dozen creatives not only builds up the greater good of the arts in Columbus but keeps me motivated to work.


Set for thisFriday, Dec. 9,at Wholly Craft, Midnight Madness is a beloved holiday celebration. The handmade mecca offers friends, yuletide cheer and photos with the Holiday Ape – which is exactly what it sounds like, an ape in a Santa suit. My family goes every year and it's become our holiday greeting card. My kids are going to cherish these memories one day.

DIY workshops

I love that on any given weekend you can sign up for a class around Columbus and learn a new skill from experts. It could be a jewelry class at the Smithery, paper making with Igloo Letterpress, crochet tips from Yarn It & Haberdashery or a sewing session at Sew to Speak. There is no reason to say, "I've always wanted to try something" when we have all this talent at our city's fingertips.

City of Bexley

We just moved here, and my bitter little heart has melted with the kindness of our neighbors, the teachers and the greater community at large. The city offers tremendous walkabilty, a great library, independent shops like Piccadilly, Cherbourg Bakery, the Drexel and family-friendly events all year long.