Things We Love: Picks from Pat Dull

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Pat Dull plays trombone in local band Angry Cougars. He may (or may not) be DJ Pitter Von Bonershorts on viral internet sensation Radio 614. He's in the process of unleashing the fourth volume of his local music compilationColumbus Blood. Pat's done other things, too, but this Saturday he's excited to be hostingNoise For Toys, a benefit show aimed at providing toys for needy diaper-crappers. Bring a new toy (or $5 donation) to Used Kids Records on Saturday, Dec. 17, between 6 and 8 p.m., and have your holiday spirit crushed by Cotton Jackson, FBS and Angry Cougars. Along with whiskers on kittens, here are a few of Pat's favorite things.

Figgy Fest

If Anton LaVey invited me to a party, I'd expect it to be a lot like Figgy Fest. Imagine Blue Cheer (Figgy and the Scrooges), the Cramps (Ebenezer Booze), Buffalo (3 Speed Sleigh) and Flipper (Placenta Claus & the Human Santapede) playing - along with sexy elves and gingerbread honeys running amuck and raffling off 1,000 locally made fruitcakes - and then accidentally giving all the proceeds to charity. That's Figgy Fest. It gets bigger and crazier each year, and it's THIS Saturday at Ace of Cups!

Turn to Ash

With this single-volume, Columbus-based publishing effort, Turn to Ash has cranked out one of the very best weird-based journals going, featuring original strange and dark fiction, essays on H.R. Giger, H.P Lovecraft and horror cinema, plus galleries devoted to phenomenal artists. Expertly compiled and edited by Benjamin Holesapple, my order came with a bookmark (because of course it did)!

Pierogi Mountain

Tucked away deep inside the bowels of scenic Café Bourbon Street, this mecca of Polish cuisine serves the best pierogis in town. Creative flavors such as butternut squash, bacon and sage or grilled pears and goat cheese - plus a healthy selection of vegan options - will make your mouth thank you after every bite.

Jason A. Wyckoff

Jason Wyckoff is a Columbus treasure. His two collections published in the U.K. by Tartarus Press,Black Horse andThe Hidden Back Room, are textbook examples of the art of short stories. Recalling the best of Shirley Jackson and Robert Aickman, each volume comes with an attached ribbon place-marker - the internationally recognized symbol of quality literature.

Shock Around the Clock!

Columbus' own 24-hour horror movie marathon. Every October, local film freaks gather for a noon-to-noon barrage of scary movies! According to my battered memory, past events have included favorites like "Suspiria," "Martyrs," "House," "The Devils" and "Videodrome" - not to mention "Werewolves on Wheels!" And mere words cannot describe the 3 a.m. eyeball punching rendered by Andrzej Zulawski's "Possession." You must do this at least once!