The List: Top Ten Lists of 2016

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Since we're counting down some of our 2016 favorites in this issue, we thought we'd take a look at some reader favorites, as well. Here are the 10 lists that drew the most eyeballs over the calendar year.

1.Alternative Guide to the Arnold Sports Classic

Short North valet sprints, anyone?

2.Six reasons we're glad Columbus isn't hosting the Republican National Convention

We still can't pronounce Reince Priebus.

3.12 essential graphic novels by women, from the last year (or so)

Some of these lists get incredibly specific.

4.10 famous Columbus residents who should be immortalized as statues

We're still stumping for Jeff Smith'sBone characters.

5.Seven long-gone local businesses we'd love to see reborn

Someday we'll get over the loss of Little Brother's.

6.Prince's alter egos and aliases

The Purple One's death also robbed us of Joey Coco.

7.The definitive ranking of 'SNL' president/candidate impressions

Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton forever.

8.Ranking of bands that changed lead singers

Wherein we make public Tim "Ripper" Owens' standing dinner order at an Akron wing joint.

9.12 rock 'n' roll page turners

Members of the local Rock and Roll Book Club podcast submit their must-read picks.

10.High ABV beers now available on shelves

Ohio eliminated the ABV cap on beers this year, and this list compiled some of the first high-gravity brews to hit the shelves.