The List: Attention-grabbing vendors visiting the Arnold

Erica Thompson
Crowd at the Arnold Sports Classic

Yes, you can marvel at world-class athletes performing seemingly impossible feats at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival, but no industry-based event is complete without one major feature: booths. With more than 1,000 exhibitors participating in the 2017 Arnold Expo, we couldn't resist picking out the most interesting-sounding vendors both sports-related and ... not so much. Major points were given for names with alliteration.

Buff Bake

The company sells protein nut butters and protein cookies. It's perfect for an episode of “Shark Tank,” which means I'll probably get sucked in like that time I almost tried to invest in “Squeeky Knees” (I still think it's a good product).

California University of PA

If your budding fitness career doesn't lead you to movie stardom in the Golden State, there's a mid-size public university south of Pittsburgh to consider.

Doughnuts and Deadlifts

This company is a lifestyle and apparel brand that claims “moderated indulgence isn't incompatible with health, fitness and strength.” Now all it needs to do is remove “and Deadlifts” from its name and I might stop by the booth.

Egg Whites International

The company, which produces “the world's first liquid egg white ever designed to drink,” is not to be confused with rival Egg Yolks Incorporated, which was started by a former employee of Egg Whites International after a distressing period of layoffs (OK, I made that last part up).

Flex Comics

This is … actually cool. The brand produces a weekly, online fitness-based comic and offers related apparel.

Jelly Bean Junction

This daycare business is apparently providing excellent curriculums for children in pre-school and beyond, but my question is … will there be candy at the booth?

A Face Painting Mom

Gotta love a business name that gets right to the point.

Jo Jo's Jingles

I wanted this to be a jingle-writing service so badly, but it's another face-painting company. Based in Willard, the business — also specializing in balloon-twisting — was started by a woman and her 8-year-old son in 2011. According to the website, her son no longer performs in a clown costume, and she only wears hers upon request. I wonder if Clown-gate in 2016 had any bearing on that decision.

'Merica Labz

The description on the supplement company's website speaks for itself: “‘Merica Labz is like mashing apple pie, liberty, freedom, all three of the ‘Die Hard' movies, and pure, unadulterated samples of Abe Lincoln's beard into a tub and serving it inside of a ham, which is inside of a deep-fried turkey, then served on Independence Day – then frozen and re-served in f'ing Freedom Sandwiches on Veteran's Day.”