Things We Love: Picks from James Moore of 2 Headed Monster Comics

James Moore

James Moore has been writing and self-publishing comic books under the 2 Headed Monster Comics label primarily with artistic collaborator and co-owner Joel Jackson since 2009. Moore will be selling comics alongside a number of local comics creators at the Indie Comics Fair, which was organized by Ken Eppstein and Canada Keck and takes place at Ace of Cups from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 4. Here are a few things Moore loves.

“Death Prattle” podcast

Co-hosted by my “Dinosaur Arsonist” collaborator, Talcott Starr, and Tara Dunderdale, “Death Prattle” is a podcast about all the parts of dying and grief that people don't talk about. It sounds heavy, but it's anchored by the hosts' excellent chemistry and it's very funny, with plenty of detours to talk about cats, anxiety, dinosaurs, “Star Trek” and how dolphins are jerks.


I'm not a particularly outdoorsy person, but I have a soft spot for the various ravines that snake through North Campus and Clintonville. There's something about the mix of old stone stairs and bridges, greenery and winding trails hidden in the heart of the city that evoke a hidden secret world like you'd find in a Miyazaki film.

Columbus political activity

I've been interested in politics for a very long time, and recent events have made me become a more direct participant rather than just an observer. The hard work of people who've been doing this for years — from local Black Lives Matters activists to FemFest — should be fully acknowledged, and it's exciting to see so many others galvanized to join them in making a difference.

Lucy Caswell and Bob Corby

If you wanted to talk about the history of Columbus comics, you'd start with these two people. Lucy founded the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum 40 years ago when almost no one was thinking about comics as a serious academic subject. It's grown into a world-class, pioneering institution that set the stage for the city's institutional embrace of the medium. Bob's 18-year-old Small Press Alternative Comics Expo has been a pillar of the local small press, as well as drawing indie creators from across the country. It's the show that gave most of us our start and nurtured our growth as creators, and that's due to Bob's generous spirit.

The comics of Kieron Gillen/Jamie McKelvie

Usually working with colorist Matt Wilson, the pair of British comics creators has been working together for a decade on books like “Phonogram,” “Young Avengers” and “The Wicked + the Divine.” What I love about them is how their work is accessible, but if you look closely there's complexity, depth and constant experimentation with the comics medium. Also, both creators are big music geeks (Gillen was a music journalist and McKelvie does art for CHVRCHES), and any creators who pepper their comics with allusions to artists as diverse as Young Marble Giants and Kanye West are speaking my language.